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Other Champions of Democracy

  • Real Democracy – This site is a hub and clearinghouse for all the organizations and individuals promoting direct or participatory democracy.

  • Common Good – Supports giving people more responsibility for their own governance and demands greater morality and accountability of public servants.

  • Common Cause – A network of over one million demanding fair and equitable elections and a stronger role for the People in their own governance.

  • Citizens in Charge – Works to protect and expand the initiative & referendum process against party efforts to restrict or eliminate it.  Half of states don’t have it.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • OneVoiceNow.Org -  Advocates employing modern technologies to let Citizens vote on community issues of their own choosing. 

  • Independentvoting.Org – Supports independent-minded voters seeking to reform the American political process.

  • Equal Citizens Foundation — This organization seeks to end “Pay to Play” politics, achieve real campaign finance reform, and ensure that all citizens are able to vote.

  • Democracy International – A network of individuals working to bring direct or participatory democracy to their home countries.

  • MacArthur Foundation – Supports organizations working to modernize elections, curb the role of money, and reduce partisanship in Congress.

  • New America --  This organization is looking into numerous facets of our nation's future.  Revolutionary ideas abound, but Democratic reforms will be crucial as a basis for other initiatives.   

  • Convention of States Action  --  This organization seeks to use Article V of the present constitution to get states to call for a new constitutional convention.  This is required because the three branches of government will never fix themselves. 

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