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Other Champions of Democracy

  • American Democracy Project –  This is a network of colleges and universities seeking to ensure that students receive a quality civics education so that they may become America's future informed and engaged citizens. 

  • Center for New Democratic Processes -- This orgainzaiton partners with citizens, communities, and institutions to develop and implement innovative democratic processes to address our current challenges.  

  • Citizen Connect –  This is a clearinghouse for over 500 grass-roots organizations that are working to heal our divides and promote more democratic processes in America.

  • Citizens in Charge – Works to protect and expand the initiative & referendum process against party efforts to restrict or eliminate it.  Half of states don’t have it.   

  • Convention of States Action  --  This organization seeks to use Article V of the present constitution to get states to call for a new constitutional convention.  This is required because the three branches of government will never fix themselves. 

  • Democracy21 –  An organization that works to eliminate the corrupting influence of big money, ensure election integrity and empower citizens  to ake a stronger role in thier government.     


  • Democracy International – A network of individuals working to bring direct or participatory democracy to their home countries.


  • Equal Citizens Foundation — This organization seeks to end “Pay to Play” politics, achieve real campaign finance reform, and ensure that all citizens are able to vote.     

  • Institute for Political Innovation —  Recognizing that politics has become a for-profit business for the major parties at the expense of the People, this initiative promotes grass-roots organizations seeking powerful but achieveable reforms.  


  • More Perfect –  An association of organizations committed to five goals: universal civics learning, national service and volunteering, briding divides, election reform, and access to trusted news.    


  • New America --  This organization is looking into numerous facets of our nation's future.  Revolutionary ideas abound, but one essential facet will be the use of technology to promote civic engagement.   


  • OneVoiceNow.Org -  Advocates employing modern technologies to let Citizens vote on community issues of their own choosing. 

  • Protect Democracy --   This organization seeks to counter authoritarian tendencies that threaten democracy and to secure free and fair elections for a much better informed electorate.    

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