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Past Referenda

2023                   Energy, Agricultural, and Technology independence are vital to Americ'as national security         RESULTS     Yes                  Nay


2022                   Term Limits for the Legislative Br. -- no more than 16 yrs. in office during one's lifetime.              RESULTS     Yes   62%       Nay     38%


2021 3rd Qtr.    Proof of citizenship and residency are required to vote.                                                                       RESULTS:    Yes   34%       Nay     66%

2021 2nd Qtr.   Article III should be revised to guard against political influence on the Supreme Court.                 RESULTS:    Yes   85%       Nay    15%

2021 1st Qtr.     President elected if earns 51% of popular vote, otherwise the Electoral College decides.              RESULTS:    Yes   58%       Nay    42%

2020 4th Qtr.    The budget must be balanced annually and zero national debt by end of century.                          RESULTS:    Yes   54%      Nay    46%

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