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We reside in a society defined by schisms – schisms that contribute nothing to the advancement of humankind.  We have schisms based on race and religion, sexual and political orientations, nationality, wealth, and more.  But schisms, like great storms, draw their energy from discord, and those who profit by the discord are providing fuel at every opportunity. 

Such schisms prevent all of us from being the good shepherds of God’s gifts that we were intended to be.  Perhaps this is another test, proctored by the Grand Professor of the Universe.  Those who participate willingly are failing Citizenship 101.  Those who tolerate the participants:  C minus.  

There is, however, a new schism emerging, still mostly below the radar, but perhaps one from which some good may flow.  On one side of the road are Americans who cling to the hope that our republican form of government can be mended and made to work for the People it is supposed to serve.  A smaller assembly stands with me on the other side of the road.  We realize that it is past time for America’s system of government to evolve.  In our eyes, the survival of a free America requires that the Citizenry be brought into government as, at least, an equal partner with the three current branches.  In short, it is time for a system of government that fosters the political maturity of its People and grants them the sovereignty they were promised so long ago.  With current technologies, we argue that “government by the people” should and can become more than a slogan.     

Crowded into the middle of the road are all those who have given up.  They mill about aimlessly, bleating  “Someone ought to do something”.  Nevertheless, it is these lost creatures who will determine whether the ideals of America will survive, or gradually be traded for the security of autocratic rule.

A Good Shepherd will not keep their flock fenced in on polluted ground but will guide them to greener pastures.  We Americans, we champions of innovation, we can take the Swiss model of Participatory Democracy, improve upon it, and then claim again the title of World’s Leading Democracy.  As we face a tumultuous 2024, be a Good Shepherd.  Be a Citizen v2.1.

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