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Beware the High Horsies

It seems that, periodically, through the history of societies, one segment will assume a moral superiority. And, periodically, the tensions this creates will cost that society dearly. Events like the Medieval Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Nazi’s “Final Solution” come to mind. Closer to home, Americans have suffered the Abolitionists, then the Prohibitionists, and lately the pious parties warring over the question of abortion.

This bloody history leads the wise citizen to the principle known as separation of church and state. Invariably, the sanctimonious ride in on their high horse, seek to codify their views, and then have those precepts enforced by the government. That is how we came to the iconic 1973 case of Roe v. Wade.

Our current Supreme Court finally recognized that it, and the Constitution, had been abused and wisely stepped away from the conflict. Unfortunately, the states are now presuming to preside over the issue. In fact, the lesson that should be taken to heart by the states is that they too should step away. As I have said before -- There has never been, nor will there ever be, a government, at any level, wise enough to adjudicate the rights of two persons, one of which resides within the other.

The question of when life begins is one for science and the church to resolve. The only legitimate question that governments may ask is. “When does Citizenship begin?”.

Normally, I advocate for allowing Citizens a direct and binding vote on national policy issues. This, however, is beyond the appropriate realm of national policy. If you understand the dangers of unlimited government, then there must be boundaries beyond which the state may never trespass. Surely, this is one of those boundaries.

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