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Draining the Swamp

[ Excerpt from the November podcast by President-Elect T. J. Carroll ]*

Good Evening. I cannot adequately express how honored I feel to be your next President. Work on the reforms I promised has already begun and high on the list is reduction of the political influence over each of the more than 400 components of the Executive Branch. Others have talked about draining the swamp. I intend to do it.

Political parties have rewarded their supporters with civil service jobs since the beginnings of our country. One U.S. President was even assassinated by a disappointed office seeker. Several pieces of legislation have been passed over the years to ensure the non-partisan professionalism of the Civil Service, but the problem prevails. In theory, there are only 4000 jobs that the President can fill with appointees. In reality, each of those appointees can appoint myriad others within their agencies, so the political infestation goes much deeper. That is about to change.

I will expect the resignations of all appointees within the Executive Branch before the inauguration. Once in office, I will direct the Office of Personnel Management, and each Executive agency, to quickly review all those positions; eliminating those that add no value to the agency’s mission and opening the remainder to well-qualified public applicants (including current members of the Civil Service). In certain agencies, partisan loyalties must be totally eradicated. These include the Executive components involved in national defense, law enforcement, and homeland security.

I will select only my own cabinet, staff, and advisors and will retain approval authority over the top position in each executive component. I believe this will ensure that only those individuals with the best credentials, highest ethical standards, and no loyalties above country and constitution will be selected to serve the American People.

* President T. J. Carroll is a lead character in “The Democracy Saga”.


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