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"No Taxation without . . . "

The Fear Mongers bring up the specter of Civil War more frequently these days. How would that work exactly? The South and Midwest against the West Coast and New England (allied with the Drug Cartels, of course, since Liberals don’t do guns? No - I think revolution is the more likely scenario. And, it just might start in California, of all places.

The Californians have actually developed a revolutionary ballot initiative. Basically, it says that no state or local government may raise taxes without prior approval of the voters. They’re taking “No Taxation without Representation” to a new level.

A "yes" vote supports amending the state constitution to define all state and local levies, charges, and fees as taxes and to require new state taxes proposed by the state legislature to be enacted via a two-thirds legislative vote and voter approval and new local taxes to be enacted via a two-thirds vote of the electorate.

Governor Newsom, that avowed defender of American Democracy, sprinted to the State Supreme Court, arguing for the proposition to be removed from the ballot. How dare the Citizenry assert its sovereignty like this? Who do they think they are, demanding a measure of control over the policies that affect their lives?

It will be fascinating to watch this opening skirmish; the Bunker Hill of our times. Then, as Citizens in other states demand a real voice in their governance, Americans may, once again, rise against a government grown distant from, and disrespectful of, those it is supposed to serve. Fingers crossed.

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