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Well, we've survived another election season: roads littered with cardboard signs, political pundits making precursory predictions, ads defaming the other candidate continually interrupting our viewing, and expectations of change briefly resurrected.

Everyone knows what needs to be fixed, and everyone knows that our Legislative Branch will never do the fixing. If you heard a candidate make any of the promises listed below, they will have been forgotten by next week.

** Restoring the "Fairness Doctrine" that required media outlets to present both

sides of an issue.

** Repealing the Citizen's United decision that opened the door for corporate procurement of our political process.

** Passing an annual budget and forcing the federal government to live within its means, like it demands of us.

** Banning the creation of "political districts" that differ from existing county and township boundaries.

** Insulating our most vital institutions from political influence, especially; law enforcement, the armed forces, schools at all levels, and the media.

and here's the promise our elected "leaders" will never make, until we demand that they do --

** Allow the Citizenry to vote on the national policy issues that affect their lives, and have their decision bind the federal government to action.

No - that antiquated old concept that talked about "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" -- that was just a promise that America made to the world, and has yet to keep.


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