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This seems to be the buzzword of the day. Obviously, to preserve our planet we must STOP doing the same old things in the same old way. We need to REDUCE, RENEW and RE-IMAGINE as we struggle to provide for our power-hungry species. To those tinted green, I say “More power to you!”

However, I am compelled to ask, “What shall it matter if we save our physical environment, but retain a political environment made toxic of autocracy and despotism, thus wasting the power reserves still hidden within each Citizen?”

The only system of government that can tap that inexhaustible energy source is Democracy. America needs to REDUCE its dependence on fossil parties that use their power to fuel dissent and to line their bottomless pockets. We could start by employing the RENEWable energy that comes with term limits.

Ultimately, we Americans must RE-IMAGINE our decaying form of government – the one that is placing us all on top of a national sinkhole. Capped and suppressed within each Citizen is the power to objectively consider major issues and then make an informed decision on the direction of national policy. Other nations have already fracked their pretend Democracies and implemented the binding national referendum. How many more political power outages must happen in the U.S.A. before we act?

I look forward to the day when each American will stand as a wind turbine on the land, harnessing their God-given powers of reason and voice, and then sharing that to a national grid of Citizens empowered to define their own destiny.


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