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The Chicago Reveal

During a recent city council meeting, one council member had the audacity to suggest that a referendum be held to determine whether the residents still support the policy of Chicago being a "sanctuary city". Well, the "progressive" mayor would have none of that insurrectionist talk and promptly shot the proposal down.

I suspect that this is a hint of battles to come. I hope that more and more citizens will stand up to their elected officials and demand a voice in the policies that they have to live with every day.

Political professionals across the spectrum reveal their authoritarian tendencies whenever their hegemony over the process of governance is challenged. They, after all, have been anointed by election and re-election. They possess privileged information far more detailed and nuanced that the average citizen may acquire. And only they can navigate the maze that defines our legislative process. B#$% S%$#!

I hope the day soon comes when protests will erupt on college campuses from coast to coast, not on behalf of some aggrieved super-minority, but on behalf of the long abused silent majority. Their complaints, so long repressed, suppressed, and ignored must eventually erupt, as evidence of incompetence within the DC beltway mounts. I wonder at which great institution of higher learning someone will grab a megaphone and begin the chant, "LET US DECIDE!"


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