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March 2022. I haven't put out any blogs of late, partly, I think, because the people of Ukraine are, of late, teaching us all about the cost and the worth of Democracy, Any words I might pen would pale against the valor they are displaying each day. They shame us with reminders of how we Americans once valued our freedoms so highly that we took on a great world power that was behaving tyrannically.

One wonders whether an America that has devolved into tribalism, each faction squawking for its equitable share of the carcass, can ever again rise to a position of moral leadership among the nations of the world.

I remain hopeful. One day, America must get over its concern for the petty inequities of this life and focus on The Great Inequity -- the one that relegates all of us to third-class passengers on the train of government. How often must the political professionals, and their generous American oligarchs, prove their disdain for the lowly citizen before we demand an equitable role in the formation of national policy? Demand the binding national referenda system already in place in more advanced democracies.

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