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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

How do we deal with representatives who sabotage the will of the People?


This week I heard from a colleague in Colorado about the fight to enhance democracy in his community. He proposed using modern technology to simplify the petition process – an approach long established in Switzerland and already in use in Arizona.

In Boulder, 71% of the voters endorsed the plan. Then, city and state-level bureaucrats proceeded to butcher the implementation and sabotage the new system.

For more detail, go to:

Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. Sequels have been written wherever citizens attempt to assert their sovereignty. Elected and appointed officials, across the political spectrum, and at every level, will resist any attempt to pass some of their authority down to the people (from whence it came). And they will be blatant about it.

Let’s just look at the national level for a minute. The American people, in their innate wisdom, have repeatedly signaled their support for common sense political reforms — things like; term limits, campaign finance reform, common sense firearms regulation, radical simplification of our tax system, tort reform to end the litigious nature of our society, a balanced budget, certain punishment for ethical lapses by public officials, etcetera, etcetera. In every case, these demands are blocked, subverted, ignored or arrogantly vetoed.

So – the question that has been swirling around my feeble brain lately is “What does it take for a people (whether they reside in Boulder, Colorado or Havana, Cuba) to rise up against their elected or self-appointed representatives and force a critical change? Do we really have to suffer through bread lines, gas lines, the prosecution or mysterious disappearance of those who protest (or, horror of horrors, denying us internet access) before we assert our sovereignty?

There is a scene in Chapter 4 of my novel, Amendment XXIX, where a campaign worker, supporting the direct democracy platform of the Independent candidate notes:

“In 1776, we fought for our independence from an aristocratic and arrogant government, grown distant from the people it was supposed to serve.

Now we’re fighting for our independence from another arrogant and aristocratic government, also grown distant from those it is supposed to serve — this time, one that resides on our own shores.”

We should have all realized by now that our “representatives” are never going to deliver the reforms needed to restore American Exceptionalism (despite their campaign promises) — not if the status quo serves their personal or party priorities. Each of us will have to grow into the Citizen v2.1 model, demand a role in determining the policies that affect our lives, and thus take charge of our national destiny.

1 September 2021

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