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CITIZEN Version 2.1

The only cure for a failing democracy is more democracy.

This is the underlying philosophy of CITIZEN Version 2.1.

Americans must become more responsible Citizens, and they will do so once they are given more serious responsibilities. 

Only with the weight of this new responsibility do we mature into true Citizens of Democracy.

Democracy Must Evolve

As with all living things, Democracy must adapt to changing circumstances, or it will expire.  What must evolve now is a form of government that makes use of new technologies and that fosters the political maturity of its voters, making them wise, engaged Citizens.

In the America envisioned by CITIZEN v2.1,

the Citizenry is established as the fourth and highest branch of government, and voters play an active role in determining the national policies

that affect their lives.

It is time to take the next logical step in the evolution of democracy, following the guidance provided by the wise political philosophers quoted below -- 

and America should lead the way.


There speaks an Ageless Wisdom in the Ideal of Democracy

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