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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Sixty years have passed -- the dream of equality remains unfullfilled and the voting rights movement remains unfinished. It will be completed when The Citizenry takes its rightful place as the fourth and highest branch of government, with responsibility for defining the national policies that affect the quality of their lives. American citizens of all origins deserve the same role in their govenment that the Swiss have enjoyed for decades.

But the American people must become more responsible citizens -- and they will do so, once they are given more serious responsibilities. It is no longer enough to occassionally choose between (pre-selected) Bad Candidate A and Worse Candidate B. The only cure for a failing democracy is more democracy and "Government by the People" (sovereignty) is a promise unfulfilled.

Visit to see how we can again go to the mountain and look down upon the promised land of sovereignty. With God's grace, we'll get there soon and all together.

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