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Warranty Shams

Well, I just got hit with a major auto repair and, as anticipated, my warranty company took 10 days to find a way not to cover the expense. A few years ago, our air conditioning went out during a heat wave. Our home warranty company made us sweat for three weeks before ultimately deciding it was an Act of God and, therefore, not covered. The bottom line is that for all these warranty companies, it is much more profitable to NOT fix the problem than to keep their promises.

Revelation - this is the same business model used by the political corporations led by the DNC and the RNC. Every commercial they run promises to fix all that is broken if we citizens will just vote to put the right butts in the seats. Then, once seated, the repairs we all know are needed seem not to be covered.

Senator Manchin nailed it recently when he noted that, in Washington, it is far more profitable for the parties to exacerbate and perpetuate a problem than to solve it.We need a whole new business / political model.There are hundreds of recommended solutions being promoted to repair the existing political system.However, I liken them to treating cancer with two aspirin and a band aid.

It is time to move America from being a representative democracy to a participatory democracy. We Citizens must be given control over the national policies that affect our lives. Submit our most pressing policy issues to a binding national referendum and suddenly they will be resolved. The other three branches of government must then implement those policy decisions in a timely manner or face consequences.

We The People were promised sovereignty long ago.

It is time to get off the couch and demand it!

Visit and then read “The Democracy Saga”. The whole transition plan is laid out for all to consider.


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